Chemical depot in Struga on Fire


Struga residents are suffocating after the city’s garbage depot was set on fire. Large portion of the depot has chemical components which assisted by the wind descended over the city sending young and old to the hospital.

The Government has no comment on the incident, instead continue to meet with Ambassadors that backed the coup in the country. Zaev, Spasovski, Shekerinska and Xhaferi have met a whopping 46 times with the US, British, French and German Ambassadors to hash out who the deputies will be in the new Government.

DPNE’s Gjorcev asked to speak on the situation in Struga, however UCK’s Xhaferi speaking albanian to Gjorchev told him he wasn’t allowed to speak. Because Xhaferi and Gjorcev couldn’t understand each outher, Xhaferi called in Parliament security.