Chento moved to icy jail cell, next to a toilet


The USAid financed media under the control of Jess Baily’s Government are silent, the institutions are not allowed to utter a single word, while the so called non-governmental Soros organizations who allegedly fight for respect of human rights and freedoms the best they can offer is whisper in their offices.

This is what it comes down to. You can see with the kind of fascists and their associates who have been distributed throughout the media and NGOs in Macedonia, by the way they have treated the attack on Chento, they are not even allowed to report on it – wrote journalist Milenko Nedelkovski.

Same goes to the fascists ambassadors in Macedonia: where is the British, American, German or French ambassadors to issue a comment? They’d have broken off their hands and teeth from waving and talking if one of their puppets was attacked on the street, let alone in prison? Where are they now? – asks Nedelkovski.

Meanwhile, Zaev’s police junta continued with repressive tactics against political prisoner Yane Chento. Last night he was moved by prison guards to the notorious Blok C, known for having no heat and the terrible smell from the toilets nearby. Blok C is where all the murderers are housed.

Last night attack on Chento was spearheaded by Shutka jail chief Zarko Miloshevic.

Zaev’s junta is not only torturing Chento in jail, but is behind the recent firing of Chento’s relatives working both in Government and Parliament, thus ensuring even the extended family has no income coming in.

Now, the one question most Macedonians have is: where will you go & hide once the Zaev junta is removed from power?

  • Legenda Patriot

    The people must storm the jail and free Chento then arrange a bullet between the eyes for fuckwit Zajko. This is total madness and the silence from the rest of the world is deafening. Imagine this situation in any other country.

  • Lena

    Your very right legenda. Every day that passes psycho zaev and his band of traitors, terrorists and criminals commit crimes against the macedonian people and humanity. I fear for jane cento as it is obvious the junta want the criminals in jail to kill him. Where are the people, the church, the priests, the patriots, the patriotic politicians to save him? I think the Macedonian Human Rights International Movement should take this to the UN Human Rights Commission. Do the macedonian people not understand that jane is our macedonian brother, an innocent man, and he needs to be protected – this could happen to any of them, their friends or family. I will be praying for jane. I will also be praying that god punishes those sons of b.tches that have brought this misery to the macedonian people.

    • Legenda Patriot

      Lena, I too hope and pray that this madness will end with the destruction and extermination of this corrupt and parasitic regime. I will not call it a government because it is an illegal concoction of perverted scum. We have watched too many Hollywood hero movies where the bad guys get wiped out by Bruce Willis or Steven Seagal. Unfortunately can’t see that being our saviour as the USA is driving and funding these vermin. I pray for God’s intervention before Easter. Death to half wit morons like Zaev and all criminals and traitors responsible for the destruction of our beautiful Macedonia.

  • Goran Stavreski

    He’s been set up to get killed by inmates serving 30-40 years, promises have been made to them their sentences would be shortened if they do it. The SDS police will supply them knifes. Old SDS tactic, they have done this to few dozen people between 1992 – 2000.