China arrests another Canadian national


In the latest indication that President Trumo’s ‘truce’ with President Xi jinping was merely a hallow stalling tactic developed to usher in a brief reprieve for global market – after all, it becalmed investors swiftly sent US markets to new high all time high over 3,000 – it appears Beijing is reigniting its feud with Canada, a country that has been caught in the crossfire beetwen the word’s two largest economies

According to the CBC, citing Global Affairs Canada, a Canadian citizen has been detained in Yantai along with a group of Chinese nationals and foreigners accused of running a drug ring. China, where Canadian diplomatic officials have been allowed to meet with him.

China refused to release any other details about the detention, but this latest arrest happened around the same time that Chinese police detained several foreign students and teachers on drug-related charges in the eastern Chinese city of Xuzhou. At least four are Britons.

So far, Global Affairs has refused to comment on whether the arrest of the Canadian is related to the detention by Chinese police of seven foreign teachers and nine foreign students on drug allegations. Xinhua said three Chinese nationals were also detained.

Some of those arrested were teachers believed to work at the Education First language school in Yantai. The school expressed regret for a drug-related incident and said it is co-operating with authorities.

The school said in a statement on social media that classes have not been affected at its four English-language centers in Xuzhou.

Education First, a privately held Swiss firm that operates in 114 countries, pledged to improve the management and supervision of its foreign teachers to make sure they understand and obey Chinese laws.

Relations between Ottawa and Beijing have crumbled since Canadian police arrested Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou after she landed at the Vancouver airport. In response, Beijing arrested a former Canadian diplomat and a business man who led guided tours of North Korea for thrill-seeking tourists. Both men have been charged with espionage.

Also, late last year, A Chinese court reopened the case of a Canadian national who had been convicted of drug deal and sentenced to hard labor. Instead, that individual might now face the death penalty.