China solar-powered drone changes way nations spy


BIG brother is watching – or rather the Chinese state is with its new massive solar-powered drone.

The plane called Caihong can stay airborne at “near space” levels for months if not years – making it ideal for spying on you.

It is now one of the most advanced unmanned aircraft of its type.

During a top secret test flight in northwest China last week it reached a new high of 65,000ft in altitude.

Speaking to, Shi Wen, head of unmanned aircraft development at the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, said usually a fuel powered military drone could fly a maximum of about 26,000 ft.

“Therefore, the Caihong has made a remarkable achievement,” added Wang Yangzhu, president of Beihang University’s Unmanned System Institute.

Video footage released of the test flight shows the plane being pushed onto a runway before it takes off and reaches near space.

Back on Earth a busy control room is shown with various screens blurred to protect top secret details.

As reported yesterday, experts are warning that China is constructing an underwater observation unit capable of spying on warships.