CIA asset Todor $$ Petrov pushes for another Referendum, Zaev’s junta exclaims: Great Idea!


The shaky president of the World Macedonian Congress, has started to gather 150,000 signatures for a second referendum, merely months after an epic failure of a Referendum in which the Government asked the public whether they are willing to accept the Agreement with Greece (implying to changing the country’s name) in order to become possibly eligible for an entry in EU and NATO. The citizens said “NO”.

Several weeks ago, MINA warned that WMC president Todor Petrov has been in contact with American and British intel in Skopje. Petrov was compensated and tasked to initiate a second Referendum where the illegitimate Government can have a second go and implement their “lessons learned” from their epic failure the first time around. In translation, apart from once again being illegal, it will be 100% fraud, where ballot stuffing will commence not after 3pm like the first time around, but as early as 8am, to ensure 51% census. The first time around as much as 100,000 votes were stuffed in ballot boxes, yet not a single person has been prosecuted for it (all locations and individuals who committed the fraud are well known, but the public prosecution is not allowed to even review the 100s of evidenced cases of fraud).

Why is Todor Petrov doing this? Multiple reasons. Apart from being an obvious traitor working for foreign geopolitical interests, there are already calls for him to be ousted as WMC president which means his decades long cash cow will dry up. Jane Chento, a true Macedonian patriot, an example for all Macedonians world-wide has already accepted the role if the WMC agree to it. If the WMC has any clue what they are doing and who is their current president, Chento would be their president, and quickly.

For those who know him well, Petrov for some time now has had major drinking issues and is willing to do anything for money. He is the perfect victim for US and British intel. Petrov knows his trips to Australia and across Europe to get cash (that went where?!?) will soon be over. And just like the treasonous MPs in Parliament, Petrov went for one last big payday.

Like we warned on December 28 this is a well coordinated effort by American and British intel, recruiting an individual like Petrov who some Macedonians still foolishly think of as a patriot to carry out their dirty work. The referendum question MINA finds will be along the lines of “Are you in favor to rename Macedonia to North Macedonia“. Constitutionally, you need a 10 year gap to ask the public the same question via another Referendum. However, Macedonia is an occupied country with an illegitimate Government where laws and the Constitution have been suspended for nearly three years now.

Petrov’s initiative was immediately approved by illegitimate Parliament Speaker Taljat Xhaferi, Zaev and the SDS – which tells you all need to know where this is heading. Like we pointed out earlier, the US overlords in Macedonia know everything they are doing is illegal, and the Referendum on October 30th, the citizens’ boycott is a huge thorn in their eyes because that vote supersedes all the illegal shenanigans in Parliament!

We cannot allow a second Referendum. In addition, there isn’t much information available how precisely the WMC operates, however it must immediately relieve Todor Petrov of his duties if they are planning on retaining any credibility with Macedonians world-wide.

WMC’s president undermining Macedonia, doesn’t bode well for the WMC.