CIA & BND 1977 plans for Macedonia – why Merkel is so eager on name change


In 1977, the CIA and its daughter agency BND devised a plan in Munich to split Yugoslavia, a plan that was set in motion 14 years later and is coming along quite nicely today.

The 1977 plan envisions the then ‘Yugoslavia’ being split in multiple spheres of ownership, essentially turning them into colonies as the CIA put it eloquently on their map, with Slovenia and Croatia falling under German control (as they are today) and Macedonia turning into a US colony – as is the case today.

Serbia (without Vojvodina) appears to be left alone thanks to its “Russian ties”, however judging by who is leading the country, that’ll likely soon change.

You’ve got to hand it to the CIA, they’re quite diligent and follow through on their plans.

  • neutrinoz

    ” CIA and its daughter agency BND”
    Finally correct description of who-is-who.

  • Wolf

    Why no mention of Greece. Something wrong here with this map. It makes Macedonia land locked. Think about it?? no good for anything.

    • Steven Arviv

      Because they already had Greece at that point. The plan was to “give” Macedonia to Greece after that.

      • Goran Stavreski

        Greece is a failed state. Every country under US control is a failed state.
        When Uncle Sam puts up bases in your country, you’re done

      • Wolf

        And their is the catch. Macedonia should have been given entirely to Greece in 1913. But they left us and divided us.. We Macedonians are are the roots of all slav Nations. This is the reason this is all happening. That is becoming obvious. When we all slavs stand together we are a huge force. Currently Bulgaria has been paid off millions of dollars to interfere. We all know this because Zaev has been paid millions. Slavs need to protect Macedonia. We are the essence. Look at the Total area where Alex the Great concurred. More Slavic people with the Cyrillic language than the Athenians. Greece is born 1821 before that they are just clans.