CIA mole Nikola Dimitrov: Our Embassies can’t help Macedonians, but we can overcharge them


CIA’s mole and Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov during an interview with Alsat-M Broadcasting responding to a question explained that Macedonia’s Embassies around the world don’t have the capacity to assist or return our citizens stuck in those countries.

The embassies are under pressure we don’t have a lot of staff. We have representatives with two employees, with three employees and these are people who are not trained to do the work that travel agencies usually do. They work for more than 8 hours, there are many parallel calls so when talking on one line the other gets busy.  (alluding to the fact that 90% of the citizens who call any Macedonian embassy never get through). 

There will be mistakes, there will be omissions, but what is important is to do our best to continue and help all citizens who need help, “Dimitrov said.

By doing best, Dimitrov likely meant what happened to Macedonians who came from Ljubljana on a chartered flight. The Government announced a “humanitarian” flight for roughly 100 citizens stuck in Ljubljana and then proceeded to charge them 250 euros per ticket, while the actual cost for the ticket is 150 euros. It doesn’t get more humanitarian than this.