CIA’s Heroin hub in Europe forms its own Army, contrary to UN


Serbia will ask for the UN Security Council to meet urgently because of the crudest violation of its Resolution 1244.

This occurred when Pristina decided to form the so-called Kosovo army, Serbian Foreign Minister and First Deputy PM Ivica Dacic said on Friday.

“That is the most direct threat to peace and stability in the region, and to security of the Serb people who live in Kosovo and Metohija,” Dacic told Tanjug.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has called on the United Nations mission in Kosovo to take measures to demilitarize the area and disband any armed units in Kosovo. The statement came after Kosovo’s parliament approved the creation of an army on Friday. The move is fraught with the danger of repeating an armed conflict in the region, the Russian Ministry said. It stressed that the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) and the Kosovo Force, are obliged, “in conformity with their mandates and acting on the basis of provision 9b and article 15 of UN Resolution 1244, to take urgent and exhaustive measures for the demilitarization and disbanding of any armed units of Kosovo Albanians.”

The USA is, not surprisingly the only country that has applauded the decision. The Americans have a massive military base in the Serbian province. In addition to the base, it’s a public secret that all heroin from Afghanistan with CIA’s assistance comes to Kosovo which has become defacto the HQ for heroin distribution in Europe. From there it is then distributed by US and ‘NATO’ planes to the rest of Europe (Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, Warsaw…). It’s quite the business they got going.