CIA’s Jess Baily used Macedonia’s DBK to wiretap Serbian diplomats


CIA’s Jess Baily, whose cover is “US Ambassador to Macedonia” is now tied to another massive scandal – Baily had asked local vassal Zoran Zaev to employ the Macedonian counter intel agency DBK in wiretapping Serbian diplomats, including the president Aleksandar Vucic.

The material (via clever editing) is being prepped to create another color revolution, this time in Serbia, however since the CIA is quite weak in Serbia, the launching pad for the said operation is Macedonia where Baily is essentially in charge.

Aleksandar Vucic using diplomatic language did not name which foreign country was behind the mega scandal, adding “it certainly isn’t Russia”. Serbian media on the other hand hastily informed that the man behind the latest colored revolution is the “US Ambassador” to Macedonia who was already kicked out from Turkey for the first failed coup against Erdogan.

Serbia’s blitzkrieg was rather impressive. According to Infomer, the Serbian intel agency has great deal of evidence for the wiretapping of their diplomatic staff, hence the sudden closure of their Embassy, withdrawing all staff.

To the CIA, the fall of Macedonia is not enough. Serbia must fall as well to complete the US ownership of the Balkans.
Zaev is a willing jester in all of this, the Americans have too much dirt on the SDS leader. Despite his alleged surprise of the closure of the Serbian Embassy, Infomax reports Zaev and Dimitrov knew all along the CIA has taken over the DBK to spy on Serbian diplomats. In fact, reports Infomax, over the past 24 hours Zaev has phoned over a dozen ambassadors in Skopje asking them to condemn the Serbian move. As of this moment, none have done so.

CIA’s Jess Baily is using an identical scenario used to topple VMRO-DPMNE, except now the target is Serbia. During the entire fiasco, Zaev claimed the Gruevski’s government had wiretapped everyone, including the opposition and foreign ambassadors. Zaev visited with foreign ambassadors and played them tapes of their conversation, tapes that were given to him by the CIA. At no point did Zaev play a conversation of DUI or SDS officials.
Wouldn’t all conversation be of SDS and DUI if VMRO-DPMNE made the recordings? Wouldn’t the first thing the DPMNE would reveal of Zaev (not counting dozens of bribing cases) is that he has a 16 year old mistress!

Meanwhile, Serbian media reports that the Serbian leadership now knows the SDS leader and Murtino messiah cannot be trusted a single word he utters. According to Informer, Zaev had promised Vucic Macedonia would not work against Serbia despite pressure from its Prime Minister Jess Baily. He also promised him Macedonia would not vote for Kosovo’s UNESCO admission when that appears now to be a done deal.

At the moment, the US and t the US Deep State and its vassals the Brits and Germans have given the green light to turn Skopje into a HQ for the upcoming work to destabilize Serbia. The Macedonian Government is currently footing the bill and hosting all of Vucic’s enemies, including the leaders of various mafia clans.

As our elders say, “everything has an end”, and my Bitola residents would add “only the stick has two ends”.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    And the communists will love it. That is how stupid they are. All their lives they were against the great satan and now they are working for him.

  • Its Just Me

    Why does not this surprise me…?
    Oh yes, because Zaev screws up everything..
    What happened with blaming the Serbs for genocide, by the way, or the Italians?
    When is that planned for? I do not want to miss that, its going to be huge..