CIA’s pick is Siljanovska – hashing out plans with DPNE, SDS and DUI


Four days ago, there was a meeting in Skopje between DPNE, SDS and DUI on one hand, and the CIA on the other, to ensure everyone is on the same page for the upcoming presidential elections – reported well informed sources in the Boycott movement.

CIA’s plan, according to the information that has already spread in social media is quite simple: DPNE, SDS and DUI will collaborate with their candidatures, paving the way for Siljanovska to win the elections.

The game started roughly two weeks ago when Mickoski using SDS controlled media complained it would be difficult to organize presidential elections considering Zaev and Spasovski have complete control of the police, election process, the voting, and will likely see a repeat of the Referendum fraud when nearly 100,000 ballots were stuffed to increase voter turnout.

VMoron Mickoski’s sudden complaint of the election process was well coached by US contractors in Skopje in an effort to show the party is “battling” . The next step according to the plan is for Zaev to give the VMorons specific legal election concessions despite not being obliged to do so. The concessions will be designed to give the large and mostly delusional DPNE membership “hope” and a “sure win” to go out vote and support an SDS (Soros) candidate wearing a DPNE hat.

The CIA plan allows the DPNE to wake up their membership with a presidential win at the same time providing smooth sailing for the SDS to rob the country blind until 2020 where the DPNE will win the next Parliamentary elections and return to power.

Siljanovska was specifically chosen for the “job”. She is an SDS implant (like most of the DPNE today), is related to Mickoski, is close with Soros NGOs, and will attract voters from both sides of the isle. The great turnout and backing will then be used by Siljanovska to sign off on North and deposit the new name at the UN. This is the plan in Macedonia’s one-party Deep State political system.

The only thing the CIA doesn’t control are the voters.

  • Goran Stavreski

    The same scenario is unfolding like for the Referendum, both DPNE and SDS worked on getting turnout, are doing it again

    • Legenda Patriot

      Hopefully enough of the population have woken up to this total fucked up bullshit from these corrupt turds. Shoot the fucking lot of them. Where is the angry crowd that roughed up those fucking imbeciles in Skopje trying to kidnap that poor woman? I want to see that crowd in action again, but on a much larger scale across the whole devestated country.

  • V.M.

    Large fraction in DPNE wants to lose the elections, replace rat Mickoski … so they can become the new Gruevski, the Billion dollar man. And yes, with all the craziness around, they are in the midst of a power struggle… no early elections anyways