CIA’s presidential candidate warns boycott may paralyze Institutions


CIA approved SDS candidate wearing a DPNE hat Gordana Siljanovska warned today that people must not boycott the presidential elections.

Boycott of the elections is not an option! It will cause paralysis of the state!” warned Siljanovska.

Siljanovska doesn’t appear or is simply unwilling to understand that paralysis of the state and its illegitimate institutions is the whole point of the boycott movement.

Voting in the presidential elections will mean legitimizing the criminal junta and their monstrosity “North”. Boycott is the only option.

  • neutrinoz

    Goga is exemplar of current low life professoring staf that have comfortably spend their lives in sucking foreign and deforming domestic autohtonity. Her gaffs are becoming legendary (like sellout amdi bayram’s).
    Calling occupation paralyses is clear mark of terminal dumbacity. Every second I expect she uses term 102%. Poor sod.

  • Goran Stavreski

    It’s hilarious that her concern is institutions will get paralyzed… that’s Baily’s concern too.