Colossal Failure by Mossad results in Hamas Capturing Israeli Army Bases, Towns…


A brief by BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner blames Israel’s intelligence services for an unprecedented attack by Hamas in the early hours this morning, which has left at least 40 Israelis dead and hundreds wounded.

As the BBC reports, this is a colossal intelligence failure by Tel Aviv. The editor states that “the country has one of the most extensive and sophisticated intelligence networks in the Middle East, both internally and externally. It has informants embedded within militant groups not only in the Palestinian territories but also in Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere.”

He goes on to note that “Israel has, in the past, managed to assassinate militant leaders either with precision drone strikes or even with trapped cell phones. And yet today, at the end of a Jewish holiday, it seems Mossad fell asleep at the wheel.”

The BBC concludes by reporting that “Hamas was able to plan and launch this carefully coordinated attack on Israel in seemingly complete secrecy. That Israel will retaliate with massive force is a given.

But Israelis will now wonder why their nation’s spies failed to see it coming and warn the country accordingly.”

Information speaks of the capture of Major General Nimrod Aloni by Hamas along with dozens of his soldiers during an attack on a military unit. The Islamists caught them sleeping.

The asymmetric attack that started today against Israel looked very organized.

Almost seven hours after the invasion of the Islamists of Hamas and other organizations, Israel still cannot control the situation. So far the dead Israelis are 40 and the wounded 740 but these numbers are expected to skyrocket.

Seven small Israeli settlements have been captured by Hamas forces. Along with them, an Israeli military base has also been occupied.

Israel’s Channel 13 confirmed that the settlements of Sderot, Nahal Oz, Kfar Haza, Magen, Sufa Beheri and the general administration of Gaza are no longer controlled by Israeli authorities.