Constitutional Court nullifies sentences for terrorists involved in Smilkovsko lake executions


In a shock to many, the Macedonian Constitutional Court nullified previous convictions of terrorists involved in the brutal murder of five Macedonian teenagers at the shores of Smilkovo lake.

The special prosecution team (SPO) had stated they were unhappy with the convictions very early on during their mandate, even though their mandate itself was formed to investigate the alleged wiretapping scandal.

Six people were issued life-term sentences, however four of them were protected at the US Base of Bondsteel where they remained detained over alleged carrying a fire-arm penalties. Kosovo never extradited them to Macedonia.

Thanks to the Macedonian Constitutional Court, they are now free, and the likelyhood of them being re-convicted now is very low, considering the efforts that went into overturning the judgement in the first place.

  • jj

    Very sad day. There is no real justice in the Balkans. The criminals are protected and promoted by the U.S. and the west while the innocent victims’ lives mean nothing.

  • V.M.

    This is all about the CIA telling their terrorists “see, we can get you out of jail if you do what we tell you to do”.