Copyright much? Hollywood’s Tyler Bates steals Macedonian song, puts his name as author


Americans are known for crying foul that other nations are supposedly stealing their music, tech and who knows what. But in reality, Americans are doing much if not all of the stealing. We’re not going to get into the fact that literally every TV show broadcast in the US is “borrowed” from Europe, but there is increased tendencies of Hollywood stealing music and then somehow presenting it as their own.

First Sacha Baron Cohen stole much of his music for his hit movie “Borat” from Macedonian legend Esma Redzepova without paying a cent to her in ropyalties, for which he was sued.

Now, certain Tyler Bates stole iconic and ageless Macedonian song “Zajdi Zajdi” by Aleksandar Sarievski for the Hollywood produced movie “300”, and he simply put his name as the author in the credits. Is he serious?

And if you think this is bad, a popular video game Battlefield 1, not just that it stole the same song (Zajdi Zajdi), it didn’t even bother to change the lyrics, you can actually hear the song sang in Macedonian.

Next time Americans talk of copyrights or patents, send them this link.

  • Steven Arviv

    We, as Macedonians, really need to start “claiming” our shit. A lawyer should be retained and the Sarievski Estate needs to get compensated. I love how Bulgarians are claiming this is a Bulgarian song when Aleksandar Sarievski is from Gali─Źnik, Macedonia… no where near Bulgaria. Yet somehow everyone feels comfortable usurping our culture and identity.

  • V.M.

    The Tatar pieces of sh|t are like the vlach (greek) pieces of sh|t, they all started taking Macedonian songs after 1995, claiming them as their own… In Bulgaria, “Lihnida kajce veslashe” by Efto Pupinovski is now a bulgarian song… f-ing gypsies… Soon they will claim Tose Proeski’s music.

  • Next time plz use a macedonian YT account thx