Cornerstone of Germany company WIK laid in Prilep


The cornerstone of a new plant of German company “WIK”, manufacturer of electrical appliances/devices, was laid in the Prilep technological-development zone on Tuesday.

The total investment is worth EUR 12 million over a period of 4-5 years, opening about 1,000 jobs.

Prilep mayor Marjan Risteski said Macedonia offered an excellent environment for foreign investors.

“This brand will result in development of the local economy and cutting of the unemployment rate. The company will also cooperate with local companies, thus opening indirect jobs”, said Risteski.

Tobias Bolle of the German-Macedonian chamber of commerce office in Skopje said German investments in Macedonia are increasing, with exports amounting to EUR 2,5 billion.

“The association had 15 members in 2000, rising to over 200 in 2017. German companies currently employ 2,000 people in Macedonia, whereas the WIK investment will result in additional 1,000”, said Bolle.

WIK CEO Christoph Doern said the plant would produce hundreds of thousand products for the international market.

“Our search for a new market in Eastern Europe led us to Macedonia. Today we are launching the construction of our plant in Macedonia, at the same building partnership, trust, cooperation, networking”, said Doern.