Coronavirus now blamed for suspicious deaths across Macedonia


The coronavirus has been a blessing for the Macedonian Health Ministry. As MINA finds, literally any death due to medical malpractice, something Macedonia is famous for, is being blamed on the coronavirus.

Such was the case with the 27-year-old mother from Kumanovo, who on March 30, gave birth to a premature baby boy at the Gynecology Clinic in Skopje. She died from complications during the birth, but the Health Ministry classified it as “coronavirus” case.

The Gynecology Clinic informs that the baby is in good condition, still in intensive care and under the constant supervision of the team from the clinic, the Ministry of Health said.

Earlier, the Macedonian Health informed that two coronavirus patients have died over the past 24 hours, and 18 new cases were registered and five patients were discharged.

Meanwhile, in the land of stupidity: