Corrupt Court asks for police protection as Gruevski’s sentencing leaks ahead of time


Skopje Basic Court I has asked for police protection and barricades in front fearing protests as several newspapers have already leaked info that Gruevski will be found guilty by judge Dobrila Kacarska who is a close friend of the Zaev clan.

Gruevski will be sent to three years in jail, according to our inside information. The Court fearing a public backlash has asked for police protection, and there are already strong police presence putting up metal barricades around the court.

The sentencing is in regards to a trial over a purchase of Governmental vehicle (bulletproof Mercedes) used by official delegations and foreign officials. The Government created a fake trial where it has claimed there was no need for such a purchase, yet both Government and foreign officials are using it on daily basis. Ironically, the state prosecutor brought in witnesses who all sided with Gruevski stating Macedonia was the only country in Europe not to have such vehicle and the purchase was a must.

Gruevski had a golden opportunity to jail the entire SDS party for massive crimes and state terrorism who are continually ongoing, but he was too afraid what will his “strategic partners” say. The ex DPNE leader never had the testicles to follow the law. Gruevski’s western ‘partners’ will now send him to jail.


  • V.M.

    dpne selling out is not just costing gruevski, but the whole country

  • LXV

    Gwujo might learn that karma is a bitch that never misses the opportunity to bite you in the ass…

  • Legenda Patriot

    This bullshit must stop now!