Corrupt Judge who freed Zaev and convicted Gruevski paranoid 24/7


One of the most corrupt Macedonian judges Dobrila Kacarska appears to have said goodbye to her sanity. Kacarska became famous for freeing hundreds of murderers and drug traffickers as part of Zaev’s election campaign promise, freeing Zaev of bribery charges and at the same time convicting Gruevski on made up chargers over a purchase of a Governmental vehicle that Zaev is constantly using.

However, things do not seem to be going well for judge Kacarska.
It appears she has become extremely paranoid, which is what happens when you know you are breaking the law day in and day out. According to the judge, everyone is trying to ‘get her’, and as a result, two dozen policemen are working for her around the clock, including between 4-6 policemen who are patrolling the floor in the Court where she has an office.

Few of the policemen fed up with the judge have successfully asked to be removed from the Court. Speaking to a Skopje based portal Svedok, one of the policeman stated “She shows up at 7am, and leaves at 9pm. During all this time we’re sitting next to her office doing nothing”.
She has also requested cameras installed on her floor. At the Court entrance, there are three different groups of policemen who vet who is going to Kacarska’s floor. In addition, her house in Karposh is patrolled by half a dozen policemen 24 hrs per day who come in shifts.

Kacarska’s level of paranoia has reached such levels, that after briefly losing her internet connection at the office, she phoned the head of the police to investigate the camera footage from her floor, Kacarska was convinced this was a sabotage.

It doesn’t end there. Kacarska has requested no policemen who has worked protecting Gruevski or Ivanov be allowed near her. Instead, only recently hired policemen with ties to the SDS can guard her.

This person is a judge…

  • Legenda Patriot

    She made her bed, she can now lie in it. Imbecile! She must have been paid a huge sum. Talk about selling your soul to the devil. She is already in living hell.