Corrupt Zaev and Spasovski sold an ISIS terorist the identity of a Macedonian American Josif Stravre


On September 13, 2018 at 13.39 in the premises of the administrative services of the Macedonian Ministry of Interior,  Zejadin Berisha  took a photo, left a fingerprint and in a few days received a Macedonian passport with a new identity –  Josif Stavre , otherwise Macedonian and with US citizenship.

Berisha did this freely, even though he was convicted of triple murder in Macedonia and has an international arrest warrant for his participation in terrorist groups.

This biometric passport with the stolen identity of a dual citizen of the USA and Macedonia from Zejadin Berisha , a member of ISIS, was used for 30 months. It was not until March 2, 2021 that this dual identity fraud was discovered.

Zejadin Berisha (37), who is originally from Kosovo, was convicted in 2018 by a court in Pristina for organizing terrorist groups , participating in a foreign terrorist army, ISIS and illegal possession of weapons. On May 7, 2015, Hadi Nura, Besim Shabani, Betim Ibrahimaj, Adil Bushi, Exon Latifi, Jetmir Bushi, Bekim Halili, Zejadin Berisha (on the run) and Jeton Hajdiniare accused that at different times, through the international airport in Pristina, they traveled to Turkey and then to Syria where they participated in military exercises as part of the terrorist organization ISIS, fought for some time in Syria and later returned to Kosovo. This is considered to have committed the crime of “organizing and participating in terrorist groups.” They were all part of Ridvan Haqifi’s jihadist group.

Berisha is also known to the Macedonian judicial authorities. In 2008 in Tetovo he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for triple murder. On February 21, 2004, Berisha, together with two other unknown persons, killed Nargim Hazbiu, Satki Asani and Milaim Tapi from Tetovo at around 6:45 pm in the Shar restaurant on the regional road Tetovo-Pirok, near Mala Rekica . Four more people were injured in the shootings. 

Two international arrest warrants were issued for Berisha Zejadin, the court in Tetovo (2004) and the court in Pristina (2015), but that was not an obstacle for him to enter the Macedonian Ministry of Interior in 2018 and get a Macedonian passport with a new identity. – Josif Stavre.