Couple flees Shtip hospital after being suspected of having Coronavirus


A couple who was being examined in the Stip hospital for possible exposure to the coronavirus fled the hospital and the police is trying to persuade them to come back for treatment.

The man is from the city of Vinica, and he reported having flu like symptoms after returning from Italy. Together with his partner, who is a Croatian citizen, they sought treatment in Stip, and were told to remain in quarantine. But the man got angry, broke a window and the two fled the hospital.

The police located them in a home in Vinica. They are now trying to persuade them to come back to the hospital.

Meanwhile, doctors are still examining the drver of the van that brought the one confirmed coronavirus case to Macedonia. The 50 year old woman came using a van from Italy and is now in quarantine, as are the other passengers. The driver developed flu symptoms and he is now being tested to confirm if the woman infected him.