Courageous DPNE leaves Broom in front of Parliament


DPNE deputy, Dafina Stojanovska, left a broom in front of the parliament building and told Zoran Zaev to start with his announced sweep by removing MP Pavle Bogoevski, who is in the middle of a drug scandal.

Bogoevski acknowledged that he illegally purchased narcotic substances and violated the law. As we heard from the recording, Bogoevski was purchasing cocaine, so we ask if he has the legitimacy as an MP to decide on behalf of the people – says Stojanovska, adding Bogoevski should answer where he made the purchase, whether he resold the drug and when he started taking drugs. If he was clean, he should’ve already taken a drug test. We call on the competent institutions and the PPO to initiate a procedure and close the case, and Zaev to immediately take the broom. If he doesn’t have one, here we leave one in front of the parliament building, said Stojanovska.

If cocaine was where the DPNE drew the line, half of Parliament’s MPs would disqualify.

VMRO – DPMNE left a broom to Zaev in front of the parliament building

After the audio recordings were posted online on Tuesday, Pavle Bogoevski reported himself to the police, insisting that he was not purchasing cocaine but cannabis oil for someone else, likely for a friend. Also, Bogoevski just happens to call cannabis ‘cocaine’.

Reactions from the public followed, with people demanding his resignation.

Former diplomat and analyst, Arsim Zekoli, said that all taped ‘bomb’ and paths lead to Zaev, while lawyer Tortevski said that 0.5 or 4.9 grams of marijuana or cocaine was the same, meaning at least a year in prison. However, the junta has a tendency not to send other members of the junta to prison.