Court confirms Gruevski jail sentence moments after he says ‘No’ to name change in Parliament


Macedonia’s kangaroo court, locally known as the Appellate Court confirmed Gruevski’s two year jail sentence over a Government purchase of a state vehicle (Mercedes) which is in use by the current Government.

The former DPNE president, decided to be silent during the referendum. Our sources have told us he did not vote in the Referendum, but also did not publicly speak against it – considering he had a jail sentence pending on made up charges. Gruevski naively believed if he doesn’t publicly say ‘boycott’, they will remove his charges. He’s certainly no Antonio Milososki.

MINA finds US State Department employee Mitko Burcevski (locally known as Agent Tesla) who wields more power than the US Ambassador had offered Gruevski through intermediaries his vote in Parliament in exchange for removing the jail sentence. It’s why Gruevski was brought up on made up charges, so they can use it down the road for negotiation tactics and swap the sentence for a vote in Parliament. Multiple MPs from the opposition are in similar situation.

Gruevski appears to have refused the offer. Today, during a brief press conference the ex DPNE head stated “no one can vote against the will of the People”. After his statement, not even 15 minutes later the Appellate Court suddenly ‘decided’ to confirm Gruevski’s jail sentence.

Four years ago, two of our MINA contributors offered to advise and assist Gruevski, particularly in his dealings with the “West”, free of charge. Both have ten times the credentials of all of Gruevski and Ivanov’s advisors put together. One of their initial advice to the DPNE was to jail criminal Zaev (and whatever happens not release him, emphasis on “not release him” because everyone knows how scared the DPNE gets when a chauffeur of a 4th rate diplomat visits them). They were told this in 2014. It was also noted if N.G. doesn’t do it, he will regret it. Fast forward to 2018…

Gruevski never understood that you can’t employ reason the conventional way, put trust into and turn your other chick when you deal with fascists. Austrian broiler and former casino assistant manager Johannes Hahn told Gruevski to remove himself from power just temporarily, and then he would be back as Prime Minister. Remember this?

And now the irony: Gruevski’s cousin, former head of DBK Mijalkov was freed from all charges by the same Court that confirmed Gruevski’s jail sentence. The speculation is Mijalkov struck a deal… but a deal for what… he is not an MP.

Note on Mitko Burcevski. This GMO product has been the ‘right hand’, some would say the boss of every US Ambassador in Macedonia. The Nazis at the US State Department have more trust in him than their Ambassadors. That’s the level of traitor this broiler is. All reports in terms of what needs to be done to undermine/destabilize the country come from him, for 18 years. He has a private line of communication with the State Department, independent of the Ambassador. For his ‘services’ he was granted a US citizenship, meaning he can flee, but broilers Zaev, Dimitrov and Sekerinska can’t.

After 1945 the first Macedonian Government introduced the death penalty for individuals who worked for the Bulgarian occupation force. People were hanged on trees in downtown Skopje, no trials, everyone knew who they were.

The good news today is, once again, thanks to the Referendum, we all know who they are and Skopje has lots of trees.

  • Maco

    One more patriot going to jail while the traitors, criminals and terrorists keep destroying Macedonia. And what do the Macedonian do to defend and protect their country. Nothing, they just let the traitors and terrorists destroy it all. How pathetic.

  • V.M.

    I am a witness here, Nikola was warned and warned and warned not to trust the Americans and their slaves in the EU, he was told to jail all the criminals, he was told not to sign anti constitutional agreements that undermined the judicial system, he was told not to do coalitions with DUI, he was told not to end all of his mandates 1.5 years earlier… everything he did slammed him right in the face.

  • vistina

    Crooked Appeals Court dismisses his appeal less than 15 minutes after he reaffirmed the position of the Macedonian people in the failed Referendum. Over 70% are vehemently against any change of name or to the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia (recognised as REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA by 137 countries including USA, Russia, China, India, Turkey, and E.U. countries).