Court: DUI committed Electoral Fraud by Stuffing Ballot Boxes during Presidential Elections


DPNE’s president Hristijan Mickoski, accused today that on the day of the presidential elections, DUI once again stuffed ballot boxes, for which there is a confirmed case with a verdict from the Administrative Court.

‘It is not merely information that DUI was stuffing ballot boxes on election day; we also have a confirmed case, specifically in the municipality of Lipkovo, where the Administrative Court has passed down a guilty verdict. It is evident that the will of the citizens does not correspond to the results,’ stated Mickoski during today’s visit to Butel municipality.

He emphasized that as a party, they consistently warned and appealed for vigilance.

‘We reiterate this consistently, which is why we continually appeal for vigilance, as we have indications that boxes were being stuffed in approximately fifty other locations throughout Macedonia. Moreover, as is always the case with DUI, the turnout miraculously increased after 6 pm. Therefore, I stress the need for vigilance and attention,’ Mickoski stated.

Mickoski also addressed attempts to manipulate the citizens’ will.

‘From what is observed in the field, there is immense pressure and attempts to manipulate the citizens’ will by DUI. They seem to believe that this will yield a favorable outcome, leading DPNE to engage in dialogue with DUI’s leadership,’ Mickoski added.

He expressed his conviction in the citizens of Macedonia, irrespective of their ethnicity, stating that they would not allow such actions.

Mickoski cited examples in cities like Vinica, Kočani, Delčevo, and Berovo, where government officials accompanied by individuals identifying themselves as policemen attempted bribery, even within religious buildings.

According to him, the result does not represent the will of the people for Bujar Osmani, but rather, it is much smaller and will diminish further in the future.”