Court reduces sentence of SDSM Mayor caught smuggling tobacco, shooting at police with AK47


You tag Sekerinska’s hair? That’s a four year jail sentence.
You steal 10 kebabs (cost $2) because you’re hungry? That’s a three year jail sentence.

You are caught in the act smuggling dozens of boxes of tobacco to Bulgaria, and to avoid arrest you and your sons pull out your AK47s fire and try to kill policemen… well that’s about six months jail sentence, maybe two months with good behavior.

That’s right. Today, the Shtip Appelate Court reduced the jail sentence of Novo Selo mayor and SDSM official Boro Stojchev from 18 months to 6 months. Considering he’s spent 3 months in jail, it’s likely he’ll be out within the next month as the Court has approved that he could continue his mayoral stint as a mayor of Novo Selo.

Obviously, Stojchev would return as a mayor having gained invaluable experience by shooting at policemen with AK47. This is what everyone expects from their mayors.

The Macedonian Courts had zero credibility to begin with, but now, they would have to work quite hard to get to zero.