Court still reviewing illegal selection of Xhaferi as Parliament Speaker


Seven months after the illegal selection of Talat Xhaferi for Parliament speaker and the absurd playing of the albanian national anthem in Macedonian Parlaiment, the Macedonian Constitutional Court is still reviewing the multiple lawsuits launched by both MPs and national organizations.

Lawsuits are pending against Ferid Mukikj, Goran Misovski, Talat Xhaferi for falsifying Parliament records and official data. As of October 1st, 2017 cases are also pending against 64 other MPs involved in the Coup.

The Constitutional Court has submitted the case as “under review” with no information how many months or years this review will go on for.

MINA’s Gorazd Velkovski says the Constitutional Court will act as it had done before. “The traitors at the Court will not dare touch the case. However if the same traitors are in the know that Zaev’s Government will fall, then over night Zaev and Xhaferi will be found guilty of something in order to save themselves from going to jail.”

For now Velkovski says, there is no chance they’ll touch the case. Meanwhile the same Court is ordering the detention of MPs, actors, singers and private citizens who were passing near Parliament on April 27th.