Court Testimony confirms involvment of Zoran Zaev Government in Kumanovo Terrorist attack


Confirming what WikiLeaks already revealed, this morning a scandalous testimony of a terrorist involved in attack on police and civilians in Kumanovo directly involves the current Zoran Zaev led Government in both the attack on Goshince and later in Kumanovo back in 2015. Both SDS and DUI structures assisted by the US Embassy provided logistical and operational support for the terrorists, while the Americans requested to “remove ISIS recruits from the group in order to get rid of any references to religious elements”.

Sulejman Osmani, who was questioned by the prosecution separately today, stated the terrorist incident was set up by internal SDS and DUI structures. He doesn’t name names, however uses the codeword “messiahs”, adding the same structures organized the attack on Goshince, near the Kosovo border in which large quantities of weapons were taken.

Osmani did mention one name which belonged to this group of “messiahs”, and that’s current Minister of Agriculture and former mayor of Lipkovo, Sadula Duraku, known in 2001 for turning off the water supply to the residents of Kumanovo.

Osmani stated Duraku’s job was to guard the weapons stolen from Goshince, however things got complicated so they had to receive weapons from Kosovo.

Osmani stated everything was organized in Macedonia, they were received and transported in organized fashion, food, gasoline, cigarettes and freedom of movement was provided 24/7. He mentioned their weapons were brought in using hospital ambulances provided by the city of Kumanovo were mayor is SDS Zoran Damjanovski. This fact was also confirmed by other testimonies.

“Begu and Mirsad told us: sleep peacefully, no place for panic, we have guarantees. Even when the shooting started, we were told to relax, police will make some controls, but will return, they wouldn’t do anything because peope in high places are involved”.

Commander Malisheva confirmed the same thing in his testimony.

Structures within DUI and SDS, including the Kumanovo mayor assisted the terrorists to settle in Kumanovo. Malisheva stated Zaev was tasked to release “bombs” of wiretapped politicians as a distraction while the terrorist group coordinated their efforts with high ranking diplomats at US/NATO base Bondsteel and in Macedonia.

“What I can confirm and this is the most important is that our activities were well known to the US Government, because Americans are and will forever be our best friends. The Americans simply asked Mirsad Ndrecaj to not have ISIS recruits in the group in order to remove any religious elements”, said Malisheva in a letter he sent out to the press last year.

The SDS involvement of the terrorist attack in Kumanovo runs rather deep considering the connection of Zakir Bekjiri Chaush and Muhamed Zekiri with islamic terroris structures in Kosovo. Chaush is Zaev’s right hand man while Zekiri is in the Governing Board of SDS.

Last year, after Chaush was convicted and jailed for printing over 40,000 fake IDs who were suppose to be given to Kosovo residents to vote in Macedonian elections, the job for assisting and logistics of Kosovo’s terrorists on Macedonian territory was given to Muhamed Zekiri. Police also discovered 80 bullet proof vests during a raid on Chaush’s office that were meant to be delivered for the terrorists in Kumanovo.

Muhamed Zekiri at coffee shops near the Macedonian – Kosovo border met with Halil Ljuri, Samiaj Remzi – Mija, Vilja Burim, Shiti Emin, Shiti Nusrit, all members of extreme islamic and terrorist groups, with thick criminal dossiers involved in election incidents in Macedonia.

  • Rob

    And so the people will do nothing…what happened to the protests? Where is ivanov now to comment on this?

    • Goran Stavreski

      Of course nothing will happen. Only a firefight will remove traitor Zaev.

  • Its Just Me

    The people will react, nobody can stop 2 million people. It just has to be a big enough mistake to get them on the streets. To be honest, sadly, we never ever ever protest. We did it once for several months (it was a really really bad situation) so I am really sure we will do it again, since it will get worse. Roit now people have some hope at least, until something happens. But otherwise, if it a small mistake, we don’t bother really 🙂 Peace truly.. 🙂 Maybe the people are on holiday, maybe exactly that is the reason why Zaev is rushing with the signing of the agreement. If people are tanning in Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, they are too busy to protest.. Sad but true