Court verdict for Kosovo terrorists to be announced on October 17th


The verdict of the trial of “Diva Naselba” events in Kumanovo in May 2015 is to be announced on October 17.

The defendants and their lawyers gave closing arguments Thursday at the final hearing in Skopje’s Criminal Court.

Skopje’s Criminal Court is to decide on the sentences of 37 persons all accused on terrorism charges.

The prosecution in the ‘Diva Naselba’ case sought life imprisonment for all 37 persons, accused of terrorism and participation in a terrorist association. The lawyers of the defendants demanded acquittal, due to lack of evidence for the committed criminal act.

Eight police officers were killed, while 40 were wounded in the May 9-10, 2015 operation against an armed group in Kumanovo settlement “Diva Naselba.” Ten members of the armed group were killed, not counting two British and two American terrorists from the Bondsteel base whose bodies were picked up by their respective Embassies. In addition, 30 terrorists surrendered to the police.