Court: Zaev will be prosecuted for Bribery when we are told to do so


The bribery case of SDS leader Zoran Zaev was postponed for the 14th time today after the newly appointed Constitutional judge Afrim Fidani who took responsibility of this case, claimed that he can’t make any decision until his assistant is selected.

Last week, a travesty occurred in the selection of judges which saw over twenty judges with well known “friendly” ties to the US Embassy put in power despite not possessing the strict credentials in (age, experience and education) required to be in such positions.

For over two years, Macedonian Courts have refused to start proceedings for Zaev’s bribery case where he blatantly asks businessman for bribe in order to give him a building permit.

In his defense, Zaev back in 2015 claimed that he does not recognize the authority or validity of Macedonian Courts. It appears, his statement still stands.
Meanwhile, Gruevski has had his purely fabricated case well underway by the Courts. In addition, to add to his humiliation his passport has been taken away. All of this was of course, self-inflicted, Gruevski removed himself from power due to external “pressure” that he apparently was unable to handle.