Craziness Confirmed: DUI & SDSM hold BESA MP hostage


MINA has managed to speak with BESA MP Kastriot Rexhepi’s relatives. Three relatives have stated Rexhepi was seen moving freely all day yesterday, however, last night was taken from his home with his wife and children by 6-7 men wearing dark uniforms – likely Brit and US soldiers for hire from Bondsteel. Both of his phones were turned off and he hasn’t been seen since.

About three hours ago, we also confirmed that Rexhepi is kept at DUI’s HQ in Mala Rechica. The MP released a video where he looks sickly pale. His relatives have told us he doesn’t look like the same person from just hours earlier. In the video Rexhepi is seen mouthing bizarre statements of how much he cares for the country’s EU and Atlantic integration (perhaps forgetting we’re already in NATO?). The video can be seen here, it’s a typical hostage video! It’s 100% made under duress, the standard “I am doing good” video, as if he was kidnapped by ISIS!

Now that we all know where he is, we just have one question – why isn’t Macedonian police intervening and simply rescuing him, moving him out of there so he can vote in Parliament (MPs are still waiting…)?

That MP Rexhepi is kidnapped, it’s not a question. The goal too, is quite obvious. That Macedonia has descended into a lawless pit would be the understatement of the century.

And if your paying subscription to Netflix, immediately cancel it and watch what’s going in Macedonia, far more entertaining.