Craziness in Skopje Court as Judge delivers sentences to Kosovo terrorists


As judge handed down the sentences for the terrorists attack in Kumanovo, chaos erupted in the Skopje courtroom: with Kosovo terrorists chanting the Albanian anthem, one stripped down naked, others chanted UCK UCK.

The judge removed the individuals from the Court room, and read out the sentences:

– 7 individuals received life sentences
– 13 individuals received 40 year sentences
– 6 individuals received 20 year sentence
– 1 individual received 18 year sentence
– 2 individuals received 14 year sentences
– 2 individuals received 13 year sentences
– 2 individuals received 12 year sentences
– 4 individuals were freed

Some of the sentenced screamed as they were led out of the Courtroom vowing revenge against the judge and the country.

  • jj

    “UCK UCK”


  • Goran Stavreski

    I like the sentences…

  • Its Just Me

    Respect for the judge!!! 🙂
    finally order in the country 😉

  • Risto

    Unbelievable ! They should bring back the death penalty. These people are sub-human and do not deserve to be in Macedonian prison