Crazy town SDSM: Census will help reduce immigration


SDSM’s criminal junta is promoting the upcoming fabricated census any way it can. As a result, there is a competition of sorts with which Government official will come up with a dumber headline.

The latest from the Government PR team is that the census will somehow reduce the outflow of people from Macedonia. It is estimated that the current (real) population in Macedonia is between 1.4m and 1.6m people, not the fake 2.08m that’s promoted internally and externally.

Just a day earlier, SDSM’s psycho in charge, Zoran Zaev claimed it’s really the census that’s been preventing “large foreign” companies from investing in Macedonia while in reality the existing foreign companies brought in by the DPNE are packing and leaving due to increased taxes. In addition 4 other foreign companies (2 Turkish and 2 German) have changed their mind to invest in Macedonia despite signing agreement 3 years ago that they would do so.


Thanks to SDSM’s stupidity to promote their fake census through ridiculous claims that have nothing to do with an actual census, countless memes have showed up in social media, among which are our favorites:

The census will help all unmarried women find their men

The census will help cure covid19

The census will help everyone get 500 euros average salary

The census will help renovate your apartment

Census will help Macedonia to 2.5m citizens, of which 1m don’t exist.