Crazy Ukrainian Lady yelling at Boris Johnson is WEF fellow, not a journalist


Last Tuesday morning, “journalist” Daria Kaleniuk confronted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, demanding NATO enters the war in Ukraine, despite massive public objections to Western nations becoming involved.

Kaleniuk, however, is scarcely the “journalist” Western media outlets are portraying. Instead, The National Pulse can reveal, Kaleniuk is a long-time political activist recently used in the Joe Biden 2020 campaign. Additionally, Kaleniuk serves as a World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Young Leader.

The WEF is led by Germany economist Klaus Schwab, and has become infamous for globalist intervention around the world, including but not limited to the “Great Reset” with its idea of abolishing property ownership at its core.

“You’re coming to Poland – you’re not coming to Kyiv, Prime Minister. You’re not coming to Lviv,” said Kaleniuk, in remarks being lauded by the international press.

“Because you are afraid. Because NATO is not willing to defend. Because NATO is afraid of World War 3 – but it has already started.”

She continued, as Johnson looked on.

“These are Ukrainian children who are there taking the hit.

“You are talking about more sanctions, but Roman Abramovich is not sanctioned. He’s in London. His children are not in the bombardments, his children are there in London. Putin’s children are in the Netherlands . In Germany. In mansions.

“Where are all these mansions seized? I don’t see that.”

While crying, she said: “My family members, my team members, are saying we are crying, we don’t know where to run. This is what is happening, Prime Minister.”

Kaleniuk featured as a Joe Biden “supporter” in an ABC News interview from 2019, after which she was used in a Joe Biden campaign video posted January 21 2020.

She was also listed on the WEF website in 2019, in their Global Young Leaders program which has also featured war-supporting globalists such as Justin Trudeau, Dan Crenshaw, Emmanuel Macron, and more.