Crime skyrockets with SDS at the helm, police shoots 2 teens, man shot in head


Perhaps not surprising, but crime has skyrocketed across Macedonia in the past two months, which coincides with the SDS taking over the governing of the country.

Three days ago, policemen shot two underage teens in Strumica, both are critical and in intensive care in Skopje. MoI Minister Oliver Spasovski has refused to provide any information why police shot the two teens who at the time of the incident were sitting in a car.

Earlier today in Struga, famous drug dealer and prostitution boss turned ‘businessman’ Dilaver Bojku was shot and killed in what appears to be mafia style execution. Police has not released any information related to this incident either.

Skopje based media speculates the hit had been ordered by Struga MP Ziadin Sela who is in coalition with Zaev. Both Sela and Bojku were sworn enemies and had clashed repeatedly over who will control the lake coastline and narcotics supply to Struga. In addition, Bojku for the past year had struck a deal with Zaev and Sela to deliver thousands of election votes for the SDS in exchange for large sum of money and expanded control of Struga. The votes were delivered, however according to Infomax when Bojku sought to receive his end of the deal, he was eliminated in broad daylight by a professional at one of Struga’s busiest streets.

Past weekend, STB bank and two betting stores were robbed in Skopje while fake call for a bomb was placed at another bank in the city.

  • jj

    So, Dilaver Bojku was killed because they didn’t want to pay him all the money they’d promised for him delivering thousands of votes for SDS.
    But nonetheless they got rid of one of their own corrupt criminals in this operation.
    People say he was the “Balkan boss of prostitution” and it was his own greed which made him agree to the deal.
    I wonder though, if his friends and family will now take revenge, or, at least, in the future, not fall for delivering anything to Zaev and Sela without being paid first.

    • V.M.

      Absolutely, he was also taken out in case he starts “talking”.
      Now, they’ll simply start taking each other out, too many mafioso involved, but the upper hand is with Zaev and Sela, they control the police.

      • jj

        I can’t but wonder if the “Balkan boss of prostitution” also had some sex-slaves or was using forced prostitution – girls who’d been tricked/kidnapped and then threatened/beaten into the business.