Criminal incompetence: Relatives of 3 dead infants say they saw 4 more


52 babies born in one night, but there are only 18 incubators available at the State run Skopje gynecology clinic. In other words, should more than 18 babies require incubators, doctors will need to decide which babies get to live?

Welcome to the world of SDS.

Viktorija Jovanovska, whose qualifications of being Zajko Zaev’s wife best friend catapulted her to the position of executive director at the Gynecology clinic. The doctors she brought with her have already killed 7 babies and 1 patient, and this is only in a month, only what is officially being reported.

Four days ago, a mother with stomach pain and pregnant with triplets met her destiny once she arrived at Jovanovska’s run clinic. Doctors performed a c-section and removed her babies despite them going through only 6 months of development! The reason for the shockingly early c-section, doctors felt they could operate easier on her appendicitis if the babies were not there. If this sounds insane, that’s because it is.

C-section at 6 months… the survival rate of these babies would be zero. Any doctor should know that. Whoever Jovanovska and Health Minister Arben Taravari have brought in, we’re not sure if they are actual doctors… over the past 20 years we have seen that with the SDS and DUI literally anything goes.

Relatives of the mother who lost her three children have now stated to Gazeta Ekspres in addition to their loss, 4 more dead infants were brought in, which brings the total number to 7 for that night.

At the same clinic, which goes by the name GAK as gynecology is only one part of the hospital, a 25 year old women arrived with stomach pain. Doctors sent her home telling her to relax, she may have some virus, they never checked her out. She died the following day after her appendix had burst.

Zajko Zaev, Taravari and Jovanovska have not issued any statements.