Criminal Junta has no plans to reward Vardar after 2nd European title


Just like two years ago, this historic victory in the most elite European Handball League will pass without recognition and rewards for the Vardar team by SDS junta led by Zoran Zaev and his illegal Macedonian Government. In 2017, the only thing that the handball champions received from Zaev was a reception, water and coffee, while he received a gold medal from the club and a Vardar jersey.

The Government said in the brief statement for the media, at least for the time being, there is no plan to allocate funds as a reward for the handball players of Vardar. Their official position and statement on the Vardar team were supposed to be sent to the media during the day, but until the publication of the text, the answer was not received.

Not that this award from the Government for this success would change the lives of the Vardar team, but it would have been a good gesture to show that apart from the fact that Vardar has a relationship with the state, the state has a relationship with Vardar, the pride of whole Macedonia.

During the entire event, Skopje mayor had ordered the audio from the fans be turned off… this is why… these chants went on all night long…