Croatian MEP: EU and Democracy is an Oxymoron


One of the most popular Croatian politicians and MEP in Brussels Ivan Pernar blasted the EU as anything, but democratic during a speech at an EU session in Brussels.

Although we highly recommend watching his speech, here are his main takeaways:

  • In Macedonia 36.8% (the number now is actually 35.1% due to nullification of 2 polling places) of which 33% voted “For”, yet 67% said “No” by boycotting the Referendum. The EU says referendum is successful.
  • In Catalonia 93% voted “Yes” in a much higher turnout than in Macedonia recorded at 43%, but the EU said the referendum is unsuccessful. Why is it successful in Macedonia with 36%, but unsuccessful in Catalonia with 43%?
  • The political elite in the EU is only interested in implementing the wishes of the global elite. The people can not decide nor are they allowed to have a say about how they live their lives.
  • Putting the EU and democracy in the same sentence is an oxymoron, the two cannot be more diametrically opposed.
  • Before Catalonia and Macedonia it was Crimea. Once again the EU would not recognize a Referendum that had over 90% turnout simply because they did not like the result, just like they did not like the results in Macedonia and Catalonia. In Catalonia Spanish police beat voters who waited in line to vote, police stole ballot boxes to reduce the turnout percentage, which they did. And what did the EU say, absolutely nothing. It never condemned all the crazy violence against the Catalan people.
  • Catalonia, Macedonia, Crimea all have one thing in common. The people have spoken, but the EU vassals serving globalists were told not to ‘recognize’ the results.