Culev revokes last minute reassignments by Spasovski


Interim interior minister, Nake Culev, yesterday sent a telegram to all heads of organizational units within the Ministry of Interior and all sectors of the interior, to revoke the orders of his predecessor Oliver Spasovski, with which hours before the New Year, 100s of police officers were reassigned to other police stations and degraded.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Total retarded circus run by criminals. If you are part of the inner circle of favoured degenerates, you will become rich. Otherwise, you will be rubbed into the ground. What hope is there in removing the scum and the corruption?

  • Alex Macedon

    Why hasn’t he arrested spasovski. When he knows about spasovski iligal and criminal acts his done. Because fake vmro work for same sdsm masters. Only real Macedonians are the ones that in jail who didn’t want to change name. Jane Chento. small number of vmro ministers who also we’re against name change. But the majority vmro traitors agreed to name change. That’s why they are not in jail???