Danish MPs burst into hysterical laughter as PM talks about state purchase of ELEPHANTS & CAMEL


Danish PM’s report proved parliamentary meetings can be far from boring when the session was interrupted with MPs incessantly laughing over one of the subjects of state importance in the agenda – purchase of elephants and a camel.

After 15 hours of political debate at Parliament’s opening, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen spoke about the state acquisition of the last four remaining Danish circus elephants so they can retire. She tried to keep a straight face, but it just happened – one giggle and the entire hall was laughing, as the Prime Minister was trying to finish her report.

The transaction was approved in September as a step towards a complete ban on the use wild animals in shows. Ramboline, Lara, Djunga and Jenny were bought for 11 million Danish kroner (around €1.6 million). But an unforeseen circumstance was then revealed – Ramboline couldn’t be separated from her best friend – the camel Ali. The two have had a long-term relationship and were first spotted together in a documentary on Danish national TV back in 2010, when they lived in Dannebrog Circus.

“We received important information that it would be wrong to separate Ramboline and Ali,” said laughing Mette Frederiksen from the tribune. “That’s why we actually got Ali,” finished the Prime Minister, as MPs were laughing unanimously. She thanked all the parties for a united approach, including the Danish People’s Party who were not turned away by the camel’s name.