Debate for language law delayed, 35,569 pages need to be translated in Albanian


Illegitimate Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi postponed the debate on the Law on Languages, which was the eighth item on the agenda of today’s 32nd session because, as he said, “there are no technical conditions for a review.”

– Having in mind the formal procedure for processing all the amendments which number 35,569, they are not finalized. And the obligation for translation of these documents is not fulfilled – said Xhaferi.

In essence, the language law which the Government acts as if it has passed even though it hasn’t, is preventing SDSM and DUI to fast forward with adoption of the Tirana platform.

  • peter

    crazy people sold there country out to criminals.

  • Mijak Papra

    Step 1. Argue the need for a second official language.
    Step 2. Argue that accommodating a second official language isn’t practical.
    Step 3. Argue for seperarion (annexation) of territory in which the language can function practically.

  • Zarko Hristovski

    Lost in translation. Sad.