Deep State asset David Stephenson continues stay in Macedonia despite not working for State Department


One of the most prominent Deep State assets in Macedonia, David Stephenson known to the public for meeting SDSM officials at midnight in Skopje coffee shops to give them instructions on what their tasks are before the elections is no longer employee of the US State Department. That’s right, Stephenson officially doesn’t work for the US State Department for nearly a year, but you wouldn’t know it because he has continued his stay in Skopje and at the US Embassy.

In the past, Stephenson took orders from his supervisors Victoria Nuland and John Brennan, and it appears he continues to do so, the Nuland-Brennan agenda (the Tirana Platform) is alive and well in Macedonia.

How does someone not on the payroll of the US State Department ‘have a job’ at the State Department? For starters, this goes to show you that Trump is not in charge, better yet, he doesn’t even know who is in charge. It’s quite obvious this Deep State ‘field worker’ is on someone else’s payroll. The renegade US Embassy in Macedonia has described Stephenson as a “strategist”, of course, without pay and without clearly defined position. To quote George W Bush, Stephenson is “strategizing” with the SDSM in Skopje.

Former honorary Macedonian consul Jason Miko called out Stephenson on Twitter for what he is, a deep state asset working to undermine Macedonia.

Our sources claim Stephenson, as a typical operative is heavily involved in working in the field, coaching SDS activists on their duties during the referendum. He has been tasked to ensure a successful referendum. The fear for the Anglo-American agenda in Macedonia is that not enough people would vote needed for the fraud to take place. Attendance is badly needed.

So far, in the DPNE, the only man with courage to call for boycott is Antonio Miloshoski.

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