Deep State run US Embassy in Macedonia silent as USA burns


The US of A has a lengthy history turning countries into a fireball and ruining people’s lives. Macedonia wasn’t immune to this. But, as every American knows (apart from the Deep State), karma is a b*tch.

In a second overnight ramming incident involving New York police, a hit-and-run driver struck an officer in the Bronx early Tuesday morning.

Video posted to Twitter shows a dark sedan accelerating towards the officer at the intersection of East 170th Street and Walton Avenue in Mt. Eden, striking his body and sending him flying through the air into the middle of the intersection, according to the New York Post.

A shocking scene has unfolded Monday night from the streets of Buffalo, New York as police attempted to clear rioters and presumably looters from a city street. 

Video captured from a protest live feed shows a car plowing into a large group of police and what appear to be state troopers, and SWAT or possibly national guard soldiers.  

The group of police are seen initially clearing the street with weapons drawn, and gunshots are heard in the background in an intensifying situation. 

Suddenly the group of police attempt to jump out of the way as what appears an older model SUV rushes straight into the group

Meanwhile in St Louis two police officers were shot, two deaths were registered in Chicago after both protesters appeared to have been shot and killed by the National Guard. Similar incidents have unfolded in over 30 American cities. Below are some of the images from the US within the last two days.

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