Deep State to nutjob Zaev: Macedonia in NATO, maybe in mid 2020


This summer, Macedonia’s psychopathic representatives in the Government spent 400,000 euros of taxpayers money to celebrate entry into NATO. Prime Minister Jess Baily’s assistant Zoran Zaev proclaimed the country will enter NATO by the end of 2018 (this is now).

Meanwhile, for nearly a year we warned that Macedonia will change the name and it will never enter NATO (The US Deep State & their EU globalist puppets have created too many enemies across Europe which will use Macedonia as a tool to strike back at Washington). It’s now a certainty that Hungary and Turkey will block Macedonia’s entry in NATO, if it ever came to it.

After stating for a year that Macedonia will enter NATO in 2018, two weeks ago, Washington’s GMO product Z. Zaev proclaimed that Macedonia will enter NATO in 2019, by March of 2019 to be precise.

Today, Deep State representative Matthew Palmer stated Macedonia “may” enter NATO in mid 2020.
Once again, we’re going on the record stating Macedonia will never enter NATO or the EU.

The name negotiations from the very beginning have been a Mengele-like experiment by the new globalist Nazis to disappear countries, people, ethnicities and create a progressive global human population without identity, ethnicity, race or borders – all under their control. It never had anything to do with NATO or Euro integrations. Macedonia was picked as the “weakest” among all in Europe for this experiment that would offer the least resistance.

Sign seen at UN HQ in Geneva

  • strav

    Why hasn’t zaev the shiptar and his cronies not been shot yet! Why hasn’t the Yanky embassy been burned down! Wake up macedonia

  • Dj Gnu

    Beacuse the warlike macedonians are busy drinking coffee and talk about politics in the They are not noticing they are slowly fading away from history.

  • Sam Sule

    interesting please explain to help me understand the mess of the world