Delayed signal… Macedonian fans eavesdrop on neighbors, then celebrate


Not everyone has a good TV signal at home, as a group of Macedonian fans found out while watching the remaining 7 nerve wracking seconds of the thrilling match between Vardar and PSG for the European title.

As the group of friends awaited for the timeout called by Vardar to end and for those dreadful 7 seconds to tick down, one of the fans gets near the patio and carefully listens in on his neighbors, then quickly concludes… “They are yelling, everyone is yelling, we must to have scored”.

Although they haven’t seen the goal, they all start celebrating as the goal finally arrives on their TV screen.

Кога доцни сигналот заради нашата опрема за прислушување #Макракомет #бесценето

Posted by Странски Служби on Sunday, June 4, 2017