Delusional DPNE: Well that was a great result


DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev extrapolated the results from the first round of presidential elections onto a general election. According to the results, DPNE would win 53 seats in the Parliament, opposed to 41 for SDSM and 13 for DUI and the opposition ethnic Albanian parties BESA and AA.

In the presidential elections, DPNE alone matched the combined result of SDSM and DUI nearly vote for vote. However, no one in the party seems interested that in 2014, Ivanov obtained 530,000 votes, while DPNE’s Goga Soros five years later obtained 320,000, which is a staggering 210,000 vote drop.

Dozen DPNE officials with pending criminal convictions are blackmailed by Zaev and the SPO and continue to deliver for the SDS by forcing their membership to vote and provide the necessary census.

If the new ‘rebranded’ DPNE existed to provide the needed MPs to change the name of the country, for phase 2, the DPNE’s job is to provide the necessary votes for census to cement ‘North’.