Delusional Greek hotel sends email to Macedonian tourist to confirm “greekness” of Macedonia


Interesting news from the Matrix, also known as Greece.

Tourist Tamara Azievska shared on her FB profile message from a Greek hotel, a message which instantly went viral..
She booked a room in the Greek hotel Katina’s house, without the right to a refund in the event of cancellation of the reservation, but only later saw the following message in her inbox:

Резервирала соба во грчки хотел, па ја известиле дека прво треба да потврди дека „Скопје е словенска држава“ и нема врска со грчката антика

Now, Greek stupidity has no boundaries, this is a fact. One can’t expect much from a country that uses the flag of a British company as its national flag.

Our questions are for Tamara.

  1. Why on earth would you vacation in Greece? If you’d like to experience top notch service, culture, great food… check out Spain, it’s literally 100 times better than anything Greece has to offer.
  2. Why would you book a vacation at a place that offers no refunds as a matter of policy, this is a huge red flag – it means a lot of people have tried to get their money back from this place.
  3. The message they sent you was meant to get you upset and for you to cancel your vacation and for them to keep your money, which brings us back to point #1.