Democrats rush to announce Election Victory as another whistleblower claims Fraud in PA


The latest bombshell report from Project Veritas provides footage of a second Pennsylvania USPS worker describing higher-ups instructing employees to break state election law.

The anonymous individual told Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe the postmaster had ballots collected and separated on November 4th to be sent into ballot counting centers.

“Ballots in Pennsylvania have to be postmarked by eight o’clock on election day, November the third, or they will not be counted according to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court,” O’Keefe responded to the whistleblower.

The employee said the order likely came from one of Postmaster James Malia’s bosses because he’s always bragged about being a “good soldier,” and has expressed anti-Trump views in the past.

Upon being contacted for questioning by O’Keefe, Malia referred him to the USPS public relations department.

In another tweet, O’Keefe claims to be in contact with a Pennsylvania USPS official who is willing to testify under oath that ballots were illegally backdated.

“We will be releasing his interview imminently…” he said.

This is the third claim of USPS instructing employees to back-date late ballots Project Veritas has published this week.

On Wednesday, a Michigan USPS whistleblower made nearly identical claims to the latest Pennsylvania worker to come forward.