Desperate SDSM junta threatens everyone who calls for boycott


MoI chief Oliver Spasovski called an emergency press conference earlier today, the typical press conference for a criminal junta, without any journalists present, not even those close to the junta. For understandable reasons, what Oliver Spasovski planned to announce had zero logic or sense therefore couldn’t take questions from journalists.

Oliver Spasovski announced police will be arresting citizens who in public or on social media who call for boycott, or prevent others to vote? What!? Clearly, this is probably the dumbest scare tactic that we’ve seen. It makes sense that it came from the SDSM.

Spasovski did not convey whether there will be arrests for people who urge and bribe others, not to mention threaten them with losing jobs as induced pressure to vote in the Referendum. Zaev openly asked businessmen to bribe their employees so they would vote in the referendum. SDSM activists have been seen carrying bags of cash, offering people 2,000 denars/vote – will police sanction this? Will Spasovski arrest the individuals behind the 24/7 ‘pro referendum’ lies & propaganda on taxpayers funded Macedonian TV?

As more alarming numbers come in from their latest polls (none has been made public), the more aggressive the Government junta has become. The latest polls indicate over 75% of the ethnic Macedonian population will boycott. Although massive fraud is a certainty, we are talking about an SDSM junta here, the numbers and the careers for the demented American trio (Zaev, Sekerinska, Dimitrov) do not look good.

As for Spasovski, Macedonians have a tough time taking threats seriously from someone with your haircut.
And here is his boss, the gmo clown…

И натаки и наваки ви лафум за Северна Македонија

И шо да ви лафум, и натаки и наваки, зезнах ја и Гевгелија

Posted by Чао Заев on Sunday, September 23, 2018

  • Maco

    How much bullsh.t are the Macedonian people going to accept from these traitorous pieces of sh.t. Enough is enough. Surely you can’t be that scared from these idiots and imbeciles. Macedonian people rise up and stop this nonsense. Macedonia needs the good old punishment dished out by the people. Watch this Spasovski cry lie a pus.y when the people put his head in a noose.

  • jimbo

    Rise up brothers! Defend our Holy name! Do not be like Judas Iscariot and sell your souls for some sliver coins which you will never be able to forgive yourselves. If the EU really wanted us they would scold Greece for their crimes and not try to bribe and threaten Macedonia to do something which no other country has done, change their name. Why doesn’t the United States or any other country go against their constitution, plain and simple it is wrong!

  • Goran Stavreski

    Zaev Spasovski Sekerinska will lose. Evil always loses.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Total F..ckwits all of them. String them up in the middle of Skopje.