Did Jakimovski just admit there are 80 traitors in Parliament?


Jakomovski would know, one of his own MPs in Parliament switched sides and transferred to SDSM for few thousand euros.

“We need you to vote against the Referendum, but we need you to vote” <--- Zaev.

“They need you to vote because every vote “Against” will be turned into “For”. What crazy person asks you to vote against, but just need your attendance?” <--- Jakimovski.

Remember this? One of VMRO’s biggest backers during every election, the Skopje suburb of Aerodrom had all of the VMRO votes transferred in the “Others” category and then moved to SDSM…
And as Jakimovski explains below: votes from Karposh ended up in Veles, votes from Ohrid in Prilep… it’s going to be a mess. Huge Fraud coming.

Јакимовски со детали за фалсификатот на референдумот!

Стевчо Јакимовски објаснува како СДСМ планира да го фалсификува референдумот!

Posted by infomax.mk on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

  • Goran Stavreski

    I don’t think there are bigger sellouts than us… the guy openly admits “everyone has a price”, and he is an MP in Parliament… at least he is honest.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Scrap this farce. Get rid of the scum and let’s start again.

  • vistina

    Very few mentions of “Greeks, Bulgarians, Albanians” last few weeks. Too much news of ‘snakes in our midst”. Huge problems with Macedonian politicians. Problem is within. Macedonian ranks high in corruption index and it got worse under Zaevovski. The EU must be aware of this but say nothing which says a lot about integrity and why their strong motive to push for name change. Macedonia is too corrupt at the moment to enter EU or other organisations else and nothing will change for years or longer or ever.

    Zaev and his cohorts have spent all their efforts for the past few yaers in trying to fool the public into a name change and neglected the economy and everything else!