Die Presse: Zaev did his job, his stay was temporary


Red light for Albania and North Macedonia in the EU. Austrian newspaper “Die Presse”, citing diplomatic sources, reports that the EU member states will not allow the opening of accession negotiations with the two countries in June. According to the paper’s reports, it can be concluded that the Macedonian government has already collapsed or will survive this summer at best. Besides, the Macedonian Government was always meant to be of temporary character to change the name.

Several EU member states are against the start of membership negotiations for Albania and Macedonia. The EU ambassadors will convey this message to EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn at today’s meeting. As the decision comes with a consensus of the 28 member states, it is ruled out that the two Western Balkan countries will make a step forward towards the EU, the Austrian paper writes.

According to “Die Presse”, the latest visit by Zoran Zaev to Brussels changed nothing.

France and the Netherlands are the main opponents to the opening of accession talks for both countries. And there is still no consent in Denmark and Germany to start negotiations with the two countries. In Germany, apart from the skepticism regarding the reform efforts of the two governments, there are procedural reasons why consent is not possible before the summer. Namely, the government may agree to accession negotiations with a third country after the approval of parliament. Before the start of the summer break, the Bundestag will meet only this and the last week of June, “Die Presse” writes.

Albania not just it will not get accession talks, but there is a real danger of having its visa free travel status revoked. Macedonia’s problem is that it has been purposely lumped in the same category as Albania for the accession talks.