Dimitar Kovacevski likely to replace Zaev as SDSM leader and PM


Deputy Finance Minister Dimitar Kovacevski was the third person sitting at the table with Zoran Zaev and Alternative leader Afrim Gashi.

Kovacevski’s presence at the meeting in the Club of MPs is important, especially after TV21 announced last night that there will be three chairs at today’s meeting between Zaev and Gashi, and the third, as the TV station announced, will probably seat the next prime minister, ie the new leader of SDSM.

The meeting was announced yesterday, and as the coordinator of SDSM’s group in Parliament, Jovan Mitreski said last night on TV 24, Zaev will have a meeting with the leader of Alternative and other representatives of the opposition to discuss increasing the new parliamentary majority.

MINA finds there were tensions during the meeting between Zaev and Gashi, where Zaev had no interest to hear any of Gashi’s plans, but was only interested in increasing the number of MPs in Parliament. Meanwhile, there are waves in Alternative’s party, where 2 MPs have now stated they would not join Gashi’s and enter into a coalition with a sinking ship.

MINA finds Gashi asked Zaev for the following things in order to become part of his coalition:

  • Get rid of Artan Grubi
  • Receive 2 Ministerial positions and 8 Directorial roles at major public enterprises
  • Hire 800 people in the Government administration who are loyal to the Alternative party

Meanwhile, here is the genius nominated for SDSM…